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Find about commissioned work, pricing, custom options for any of the following services. Some pieces in the 'Work' section are available for sale or can be made for you. Email at or send a message through contact form below,

Home Décor

Hand-painted Christmas and Diwali ornaments, platters, trays, spatulas


Hand drawn/painted for wall decor,

books, products


Custom invitation cards, birthday banner, gift wrapping


Air dry clay based handmade home decor, gifts, murals



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Art inspires us, educates us, and helps us interact with our environment.  It gives visual expression to emotions and lends beauty in our lives.  At ArtLab700, we want to leave a lasting impression on every person who touches or experiences our work.  We want to make special moments beautiful and concepts easy to understand.  We want you to imagine and capture your imagination.  


ArtLab700 does projects for individuals or companies.  It could be a book illustration, a personal art piece, craftwork or a marketing design.  Our values are simple:


  • Deliver beautiful and inspiring art.  Never compromise on the quality

  • Work with integrity.  Always place customer trust before profit

  • Have tons of fun!



Geeti Garg, Creative Director


A dreamer, curious by nature, and an artist at heart, Geeti enjoys taking risks and experiments to unfold creative solutions.  Her experience includes background design for a broadway show, 3D design for a Nicklodeon series, and interaction design for World Bank.  Geeti has MFA in Computer Art from School of Visual Arts, New York.  She did her BFA in Sculpture with a minor in Photography.  Geeti lives with her family in Dallas, Texas.



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Home Décor: Christmas ornament

Hand painted on raw wood ornament.